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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Knife-Fighting Classes in New York City in 1842!

One of the subjects that intrigued me when I was researching my bowie knife book was whether there actually was any organized knife-fighting instruction available in 19th-century America. I did come across a few references, and just today was informed of another. The following advertisement, which was published in the New York Herald in 1842,  offers among other things instruction in the "hunting knife." This advertisement was uncovered by Maestro Jeanette Accosta-Martinez of the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York City and passed along to me by Phil Crawley.

 The Fencing Saloon & Shooting Gallery was run by a "K. Mees," on whom I have been unable to discover anything more. He offered instruction in "Fencing; also in the use of the stright, crooked, and Turkish sword, hunting knife, musket and bayonet, staff, and every species of weapons."

The facility was located at 413 Broadway, just below Canal Street in lower Manhattan. The "210 yards" shooting range seems like a misprint, especially as the focus is on pistol shooting. Perhaps 20 yards was intended.

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