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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bowie Illustrations

I just got an email from Clayton Blanchard, who is related to the Blanchards who participated in the Sandbar Fight. He forwarded to me two excellent illustrations that I thought I'd post.

The moment when Bowie plunged his knife into Major Norris Wright.

An excellent visualization of James Bowie.


  1. How historically accurate are these images?

    1. Such a gentleman that he never lost his hat during the whole fight, whilst his adversary lost both his hat and his life. I don't think the first illustration is likely to be all that accurate.

  2. Thank you for looking at The Two terriers, no matter how briefly. Yours is an interesting blog, the knives are like swords! They wouldn't be popular with the police in England. Interesting infomation, please keep it coming.

    Best wishes, John

  3. When it's occur? This is an amazing blog. How long the knife is! I like this kind of post.

  4. Found some great bowie knives but not which one to grab...

  5. The bowie knife seems to be the best survival knife which is tactical too.

  6. That's Jim Bowie on the ground. Wright has his sword cane stuck in Bowie's sternum.


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