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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Civil War: Shortages of Weapons Made Up With Bowie Knives

The following short article appeared in The Standard (Clarksville, Texas) on December 21, 1861:
Weapons Shortages
At Honey Grove in Fannin County [Texas], we were shown, last week, Swords, and Bowie knives the manufacture of Mr. W. P. Woodson of that place, which are conclusive evidence, that the necessities of the present crisis will be met in a great degree by home production. These weapons were of very serviceable shape; well tempered, neatly finished, with good handles--the sword with a double guard to the hilt--the knife with single guard--both with leather scabbards. The swords are sold at $20--the knives at $10.00. Mr. Woodson had carried on a Blacksmith shop heretofore, and had made plain sheath knives, but never anything like these weapons, until necessity stimulated the effort. Most of the officers in Maxey's regiment have swords made by Mr. Woodson.

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