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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt Teaches Man to Kill Bears With Knife

In 1902 the New York Times reported an incident which a Western man claimed to have survived a bear attack thanks to tips he got from President Roosevelt. Can any president since claim to have done anything nearly as useful?
Kills Two Bears With Knife
Rifle, Col., Aug 18. W.E. Tribble is the hero of a desperate encounter hand-to-hand encounter with two bears, and that he escaped with his life was due in part to the visit of President Roosevelt to this part of the country two years ago. Mr. Roosevelt showed the old guide just how to give the deathblow to a bear with the knife.

Tribble, while in the mountains, was surprised by a grizzly, and succeeded in dispatching it by the Roosevelt method. When confronted by another big bear he dispatched it in a like manner.

Tribble was covered with wounds, but managed to crawl to his horse and ride to camp, where he lost consciousness.

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  1. TR has always been a personal hero of mine and this is just one more notch in the stick of greatness that is the greatest president to have ever lived!