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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swamp Fox Knives

 A faithful reproduction of a typical Sheffield bowie, circa 1840.

I just came across the website for Swamp Fox Knives. Operating out of Crossville, Tennessee, Timothy S. Ridge makes historically accurate examples of knives from the 1750 - 1865 period of American history, encompassing some styles that pre-date the bowie as well as classic examples of the bowie itself. Ridge also makes other historically accurate weapons and accoutrements and his prices are reasonable.

Below is an exact replica he made of the Manson Sheffield dagger John Wilkes Booth carried when he assassinated President Lincoln. Note the engraving on the blade,  just like the original. It's not what we would call a bowie knife today, but it was often referred to as such in the contemporary media.


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