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Friday, October 22, 2010

One-Armed Man With a Bowie Knife

A story about an incident that occurred on September 17, 1905, appeared in newspapers under headlines reading  “Mexican With One Arm Kills Both His Callers” and  “Whittled to Pieces: Three Men Are Chopped to Mincement in Free-for-All Fight.” Here is the most detailed account, in its entirety:
A special to the Eagle from Anadarko, Okla., states that two men were killed and a third dangerously wounded at Eakly, a small town near there, yesterday.

The wounded man is a one-armed Mexican named Rone Gonzales. His story is that the two men, who were strangers, came to his home and asked for work. When told there was no work they demanded food and shelter. A fight ensued, in which pocket-knives and a big bowie knife were used. One of the strangers was killed outright with a stab in the heart.
I'd like to think that Gonzales, the one-armed combatant, recovered from his wounds. He definitely came out of this one with bragging rights.

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