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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well Armed

From The Scalp Hunters, Or, Romantic Adventures in Northern Mexico, by Mayne Reid, a memoir published in 1851:
We are all somewhat similarly armed and 
equipped. For my part, I may say that I am "armed to the teeth." In my holsters I 
carry a pair of Colt's large-sized revolvers, 
six shots each. In my belt is another pair 
of the small size, with five shots each. In 
addition, I have a light rifle, making in all 
twenty-three shots, which I have learnt to 
deliver in as many seconds of time. Failing 
with all these, I carry in my belt a long 
shining blade known as a "bowie knife." 
This last is my hunting knife, my dining 
knife, and, in short, my knife of "all work."

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