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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dwight McLemore on Bowie Knife Fights, Fighters, and Fighting Techniques

I want to thank Dwight McLemore for the gracious comments about my book that he posted at Blade Forums. Dwight is of course the bowie-knife fighting expert who wrote and illustrated Bowie Knife and Big-Knife Fighting System and Advanced Bowie Techniques: The Finer Points of Fighting With a Large Knife, as well as The Fighting Tomahawk, volumes I and II, The Fighting Sword, and The Fighting Staff, all of them available from Paladin Press:
Thanks to Paul and Paladin Press I got my copy today. Bottom-Line: This is a 'Good Read'! It is very clear survey of Bowie ( & Bowie-like) knife fights from the 19th century to the present. While I question a couple of the sources, these are too insignificant to mention and fall more into the category of my opinion and no more valid than that of the author. It is a great desk-side reference for the history of the weapon and does a good job of placing the folklore and myth in the proper context. I wish this were available before I undertook that first book of mine....would have kept me from believing some of the myths. Hey didn't we all back then. The artwork is dynamic and iconic, it provides a good break from the text. Paul's use of the hard edge gives the feeling of the old woodcuts of the period. I would buy this book if only for the numerous references provided after each chapter. At any rate this motivated me. Good job, Paul.

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