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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Knife Fighters, by Johan Peter Molin

I got a few comments already on the lurid quality of my cover. I drew it from the classical-style bronze sculpture pictured above, called "Bältespännarna," or "The Knife Fighters," by the Swedish sculptor Johan Peter Molin (1814 - 1873). It depicts a knife fight between two men bound together with a belt. The bronze reliefs on the plinth show that they are fighting over a woman. The sculpture dates from 1860 and is displayed in a park in Göteborg. A copy is displayed in Stockholm.

I dressed the fighters in western garb and gave them bowie knives. I know it's not a particularly realistic depiction of a knife fight, but I liked its drama. I credit the original work in my book.

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  1. An homage to a knife fight in Sweden!? They'll probably soon replace it with a statue of some great Swedish Muslim.