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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Madman With a Bowie Knife

An article in the Atchison Daily Globe from 1885:
The Maniac
Mount Vernon, Ind., July 8. - This morning Samuel Melvin, of Kentucky, became suddenly ferocious and on Greenburg street held at bay all the farm wagons that were coming in town. He had a long bowie knife and threatened to kill all who attempted to pass. Some twenty-five wagons were blockaded by the desperate man. He attacked Tony Gasper's wagon and turned the wagon and the horses over, nearly killing the horses. Then he attacked Gasper with his knife, inflicting wounds upon him, but not serious. For three hours he held a score of people in the narrow lane, and in the most vicious manner yelled and attacked anyone near him. He was a powerfully built man, and no one felt brave enough to approach him. Finally Lou King, Andy Musser and Tom McAdams closed in on him and a desperate struggle ensued. For a time it seemed that the desperate man would kill them all, but he was brought to the ground by a powerful blow by Andy Musser. The men tied him with ropes and carried him in a spring wagon to the jail.
I hope Lou King, Andy Musser and Tom McAdams were stood to drinks.

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