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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Robber Meets a Bowie Knife

The following article appeared in the Brooklyn Eagle in 1842:
On the night of the 17th inst., a little above Baton Rouge, a flat boat, loaded with dry goods, was entered in the night, and two or three skiffs were loaded with plunder. The owner of the boat being awakened by a noise close to him, rose, snatched up his bowie knife, and sprang at a robber, who had just taken his pocket book. The robber went up the hatchway, but in doing so, received the whole blade of the knife in his body, and staggered and fell overboard, leaving the deck covered with blood. The skiffs were abandoned by the rest of the gang, and the property, with the exception of the pocket book carried overboard by the robber, who was killed, was recovered.

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