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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Story, with Bowie-Knives

The New York Times reported the following tale of love, jealousy, and bowie knives that occurred in Texas in 1889:
A Duel With Bowie Knives.
St. Augustine, Texas. --Rube Polk, Jr., and George Andry, two young men of this city, fought a duel to the death with bowie knives Tuesday night for a woman. The men attended a party, and left together apparently the best of friends.

While on the way home they quarreled over one of the girls. They dismounted, and, drawing their knives, fought it out on the roadside. Polk was killed in a few minutes. He was stabbed to the heart. Andry received a fearful cut in the side and one in the leg. He was carried home from the battleground, and told his friends to inform the Sheriff that he was ready to give himself up.

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